Project Cargo

Project Cargo

We can help companies with all the regulative aspects, the budgeting process, provide important insights into the cargo design process, can study the routing options based on the designed size of the cargo, and can work on the best suitable option for final delivery.

We can also advise on dimensional and weight restrictions, upon completion of a survey, by going through several variables by means of transportation to achieve successful performance, and the utmost optimization during the shipment.

We carefully executes the pre-planned move, keeping accountability, proactive communication, and transparency, at the forefront of the operation so as to ensure the smoothness of our service.

Transshipment from Brazil to Myanmar via Singapore Port PSA tanjong pagar & pasir panjang terminal by Roro vessel


Harbour Handlers & Hup Hin Collaboration to deliver our best service to customer on New Year’s Eve! Happy New Year! 



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